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Specialist chrome plating
& Surface Coatings

Tulip Group

Tulip group, an ISO 9001: 2015 Specialist chrome plating and Surface Coatings has embarked its first venture in 1995 and has been successful every since in this meadow. We provide the hard chrome plating for the companies, with a state of art structure designed facilities in Chennai, Bangalore and Hindupur and its own process automation, statistical process control and environmental compliance. These advanced facilities will control and ensure that the no environmental hazard will spread beyond the walls of the facility and deliver a desired product.

The hard chrome plating products are used in infinite variety of applications in machinery, automotive industry, agricultural and aerospace industries.

Tulip started its first venture in 1995 at Hindupur and seeking to expand the business and reach other levels and industries in need of chrome plating and grinding, Tulip has expanded business and establishing new units and currently our business operations in Chennai, Bangalore and Hindupur in India and catering industries in Europe and Japan.

The main manufacturing processes is controlled by automated systems, active timer controlled systems and advanced machinery. The products undergo a strict quality test at testing laboratories along with the manufacturing surveillance.

We are the members of

  • American Electro Plating Society, USA
  • National Metal Finishers Resource Center, USA
  • Fluid Power Society, India