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Environment (Tulip Group)

“Tulip group is committed towards maintaining the environmental health and safety, which is also an integral part of our business operations”.

It is our policy to assure the EH&S integrity of our processes and facilities all the time at our production plants and places. We comply with all the applicable laws and regulation, we maintain risk free environment to our employees and ensure their safety 24/7 with employ safe technologies and procedures.

We operate based on three basic points Quality, Consistency and Deliverance

While designing components we combine a basis metal and surface hard coating to achieve a durable and quality product. Of those all the coating treatments available, hard chrome plating is one of the most popular coatings. Over years, Tulip group has excelled in producing ideal and tailored products in hard chrome plating. So far, we have catered to many industries with chrome plating products for industrial applications and processes. Holding tight tolerances when depositing chromium on all metal surfaces define our chrome plating services offered by us. We specialize in hard chrome plating for any size of the product.